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our one of a kind world

Be yourself, even when it’s simply a matter of wanting to feel comfy and free, and risk being seen in all your glory. Throw on a hoodie that no one else has. Be casual about being yourself.   

Comfort is personal and your style should embody you. What sets you apart is when even your sweatshirt is a 1-of-1 piece of art. There is no wrong way to wear a hoodie, they’ll forever remain, but their limits cannot be contained.


The work and energy that goes into each piece runs deep, they’re all unique. Dyed with intention, it’s not a misconception. Even when colors may appear faint, like tie-dye in disguise, don't get it twisted, that takes precision.


Nothing is exactly the same, the art of dyeing is in the details. In a sea of sweats, be unlike the rest, and wear something completely original that no one else has.


“I love how I feel when I’m wearing my sweatshirts, confident in my own skin, underneath fabric that flows, sexy and mystique, the embodiment of chic. Sometimes it’s about what’s underneath, and the thrill of keeping it discreet.”



In true fashion, she follows a more cryptic approach (it’s pronounced “ghost”). Embedded in her name when it’s all spelled out, her first and her last, if you look close, therein lies a hidden “gauxst”.

Our name 

At Gauxst Dyes our unique hoodies are hand-dyed in LA and designed in small batches by Margaux. Every piece she makes is a one-of-one, hand-dyed and unique in its own way, as they should be.

Our Hoodies


At Gauxst Dyes we know that personalizing an item makes it even more special. We also know that for pet lovers, we want to bring them with us everywhere. Make it even more custom and get images of your pets embroidered on your sweats? Double down on wearing something only YOU have <3

If you have other requests/ideas for customization, feel free to contact us! Options are endless but may require more time! xo

*Email photos to

welcome to the fruiture





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"hoodies are something I'll

dye for"

margaux steiner


Gauxst Dyes

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